It's been awhile since I've done a blog post, but I've taken a little time off during the Spring from house projects. Now that it's Summer I've been feeling ready to tackle some more, and part of that is finishing the kitchen!! I with the help of my husband Ben installed the floors in our kitchen. We went with Vinyl plank flooring from Home Depot and Java Hickory. 

We saw it in person and fell in love with the rich dark tones, but also the lighter warmer honey tones throughout. We wanted something that would match the dark shelves we already put in the kitchen, and these ones matched great! 

If you don't remember, here's what the Kitchen looked like before we purchased the house:

Here it is a couple weeks after we moved and and painted/switched out the cabinet hardware:

And here it is when we installed the half backsplash and redid the counters:

And finally, here it is today:

You'll notice some additional changes besides just the flooring since December! I updated artwork & plants on the little shelf above the sink. I swapped out copper hardware for gold because I felt like it complimented the grey counters and backsplash better. We also were able to finally buy some new barstools from Target which are great because the ones we had from Ikea were falling apart. :) 

Ben and I are so happy with how it turned out! We hope it inspires you to take on some of your own home projects. It can be done with a limited budget and some creativity. 

One Room Challenge Week 3 | Grey Accent Wall

I'm so excited to show you the updates I've made over the past week. If you need a refresher of the last few updates they are link below:

Week One | Mood Board Inspiration

Week Two | First Updates

I've said before how white the room was before and how I thought it felt sterile. I decided to add a grey accent wall to combat this! I used Sterling by Behr. The little basket next to my bed used to have a aqua colored base, but I spray painted it with brass spray paint to match my room better. I use this to store my pajamas and slippers since I'll wear the same ones a few nights in a row. 

I'm loving the subtle warmth it's bringing to the bedroom. I also changed around the pictures on the shelves and added a couple to make it a little more symmetrical. I love adding personal touches to my room through artwork. The baby's breath on the left are dried from my wedding. The picture of the dog was a gift bought off of Etsy from my sister. I made the black polka dot picture. The gold writing says "You + Me". The deer was a Goodwill find. I painted the old wooden frame grey. I bought the small copper deer from Target, and the woodslice was another item that I painted. It's available through my shop. 

The last thing I added was this cute mirror I got at Lowes for 29.99. It was a clearance find and the last one left! I was so happy because I was eyeing a similar one at Target for 3X the cost. I've had the screen for awhile and I use it to hang up my outfits on. 

I'm so happy with how it's coming along so far! I can't wait for you to see next weeks updates. We are adding more furniture. :)

One Room Challenge | Week Two Updates- When your husband lets you get pink bedding

So a lot has changed in a short amount of time! Partly because I've had time off of work around the holiday's and have gotten some gift cards to buy a few of the major items for the room. If you need a refresher of the before check out this post. 

Here is what has happened: 

I took apart the headboard.....I made it myself out of boards that I stained previously from Home Depot, so it wasn't hard. I used one of the boards and bought 2 cheap white shelf brackets to make this shelf for above the bed to display artwork. I'll be changing out some of the artwork for the final finish, so for now I just stuck some pictures that were on the bedroom walls previously. I love having a shelf above the bed so that I'm not tied down to any art pieces. I personally love to change out artwork from time and time, so this offers the perfect solution for myself! 

The other thing that has changed issss the bedding. I switched out the dark navy bedding for this light blush colored bedding. I'm not sure how my husband agreed to it, but he did! I'm loving the blush color. It adds some dimension to the lightness of the room without being to harsh of a contrast. I think my husband is regretting saying yes to the blush colored bedding, but I'm hoping it grows on him....maybe? 

You might also notice that we have different nightstands. I had these already, so all I did was move them back into the bedroom. I had mounted crates on the wall before, but I just missed having more storage and sturdiness next to the bed. These hide a lot more junk too, which is perfect for my husband. (and me too I guess). 

The lights are the same, and so are the wall weaves, except for the grey one which I just made and decided to balance my side of the bed with. 

One other thing I got for the room is the beautiful rug! It mimics brush strokes and I'm loving the modern abstract feel it adds to the room. We didn't have a rug before and this was one thing I splurged on with some of my Christmas money. (yes my dad still gives me Christmas money) :) That's it for now! Tune it next week to see more changes! 

New Items with links:

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